How To Keep Your Thread Gage In Good Shape

If you want to always be sure that you use the right screw for the job, then you are going to need a thread gage. After all, using a thread gage is the easiest and most accurate way of checking this. You might be looking to buy one or more thread gages, or you might have recently purchased one. Now, you'll want to keep your thread gage in good condition so you can continue to use it for a long time. Taking care of your British thread gage should be easy if you follow these tips.

Purchase a Good Quality Thread Gage

First of all, if you want to help be sure that your thread gage lasts a long time and holds up well, then you'll want to buy a higher-quality gage. This can help you get a more accurate reading, too.

Avoid Lengthy Exposure to Oil and Dirt

Naturally, your thread gage will probably be exposed to oil, lubricant, and/or dirt at some point or another when you use it. However, if you can minimize the length of time that your thread gage is exposed to oil and dirt, you can help your thread gage last longer.

Avoid "Forcing" the Thread Gage

Since thread gages come in different sizes, and since you might need them for different projects, then you will probably find it's a good idea to buy a few different thread gages so that you always have the right gage for the job. You should never try to force a too-big thread gage into a too-small hole. This can cause the hole to get bigger in some cases, and you probably don't get accurate information from your thread gage anyway. Plus, if you're interested in making your thread gage last as long as possible, then you shouldn't force it into small holes because you can damage or destroy the thread gage by doing so.

Keep Your Thread Gage Clean and Dry

Clean your thread gage regularly to get rid of oil, dust, dirt, or any other debris that might be on it. Always make sure that you dry your thread gage after cleaning it or after it gets wet somehow so you can prevent rust.

Don't Let Thread Gages Touch One Another

Lastly, if you have multiple thread gages, you might not think it's a big deal to store them in the same container. However, when stored together, thread gages can scratch one another, which can lead to permanent damage.

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