The Use Of A Portable Blaster

Sandblasting is used to remove paint, primer, and rust from metal and other durable surfaces. The sandblasting process aids with preparing preparing materials for fresh primer or paint. A portable blaster is a tool that can be carried or wheeled outdoors. A blaster will require the use of a compressor.

A Pneumatic Blaster

A pneumatic blaster will consist of a canister, a wheel base or a flat base, valves, and fittings. A blaster will contain a dial gauge. This gauge is used to keep track of the pressure rating that the tank and nozzle are receiving throughout the blasting process. A blaster canister may be constructed of metal or a high density polyethylene material.

Some blasters come partially assembled. Some products may contain a canister that is not attached to any of the small components that are necessary for usage. A blaster should be fully-assembled, prior to attaching the fittings and hoses to a compressor tank.

The Blasting Process

The blasting process involves using a sandblasting medium. Abrasive blasting processes use sand products that are a fine, medium, or coarse grain. While using a portable blaster, an end user should be mindful of where the blasting equipment will be set up. Some portable blasters can be set directly on the ground, alongside the compressor that will be pressurizing the blasting tank. A blaster that contains a wheel base can be pushed inside of an enclosure where the blasting process will be conducted.

The use of an enclosure will collect sand particles that are released from a blaster's nozzle and prevent them from being dispersed across the ground. Protective gear should be worn whenever a blaster is operated. A simple enclosure that a novice or experienced blaster can use may contain cardboard or metal panels. These panels should be secured around a tarp or a piece of sheeting. The tarp or sheeting should be laid out across the ground. Afterward, any materials that are going to be blasted should be placed upon the protective covering. 

Some Things To Be Aware Of

A portable unit may contain a nozzle with a relatively narrow spray field. The blasting process may be slow, in comparison to a blasting process that uses a large industrial blaster. The valves and nozzle that are used while blasting may become clogged with sand. If this happens, the blasting process may be hindered. A piece of blasting equipment should be turned off, prior to unclogging the valves and nozzles. Check out a company like T-Texas Industries for more information on this.

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