Maintenance Advice For Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines are staple resources for restaurants that need to make a lot of ice in a cost-effective manner. If you have said system and don't want it giving you trouble over the years, here are some key maintenance suggestions worth taking advantage of.

Remove Ice Before Cleaning

Cleaning is something you'll want to do on a consistent basis so that the ice machine's parts stay in good condition and the unit as a whole remains safe and sanitary.

Just make sure you take the ice out of the machine before performing any cleaning routines. Then you won't have to worry about ice getting contaminated by your cleaning solutions and creating serious safety hazards. You can either remove this ice by hand or let it completely melt after activating the appropriate defrost setting. Once all of the ice is gone or has melted, you can begin cleaning.

Used Compressed Air on the Filter

Every commercial ice machine will have a filter, a component that helps screen things like dirt and debris to keep your machine running clean on a consistent basis. You'll just need to clean this component at certain intervals so that it can continue doing its assigned job.

Compressed air is a solution that makes it easy to access and clean this part. You can also get a lot of pressure from an air compressor can, which should help you remove everything that has collected on the filter over time. As long as you keep cleaning this component, you shouldn't have to find a replacement for a while.

Check on Water Quality

In order for a commercial ice machine to create ice in the first place, water must be frozen. Since this substance will be ingested by your consumers, it needs to have the right quality. Otherwise, you could expose people to sickness.

You can purchase special kits that let you see exactly how pure the water is before it's sent through your commercial ice machine. If the results come back showing the water is free of contaminants, you can continue using the machine as normal. However,  if there are contaminants, you can treat them to keep everyone safe. 

Commercial ice machines are a must-have resource for establishments that serve or need ice on a consistent basis. If you perform the right maintenance steps like cleaning certain parts and at the right intervals, you'll have a long-lasting system that you can handle with ease. 

For more information on ice machines, contact a company near you. 

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