3 Popular Industrial Applications For Aluminum

Widely considered to be one of the top metals for industrial manufacturing purposes, aluminum is a common material used in many applications and products that people use every day. The popularity of aluminum is mostly due to its non-toxic and durable nature. Since it is also highly resistant to corrosion over time, aluminum is utilized in a variety of industries, including the marine, aviation, transportation, oil and gas, aerospace, and medical fields. Keep reading below for 3 of the top ways that aluminum is incorporated in things that help make human lives easier and safer.

1) Transportation

Although aluminum is not particularly heavy, it boasts incredible strength and reliability under extreme pressure. For this reason, aluminum is frequently used in the transportation industry. Cars, trains, ships, aircraft, and even bicycles all have aluminum material somewhere in their construction. For example, the lightweight aluminum parts in trains and automobiles create greater fuel efficiency and decrease the number of harmful carbon emissions that are generated during the operation of these vehicles. The aviation and aerospace industries also use aluminum for the same purpose to fabricate essential items such as lighter body frames and navigational tools. With the ability to maintain structural integrity at high speed, aluminum makes it easy for manufacturers to create products that last longer and cost less overall. Furthermore, aluminum can be recycled repeatedly and still maintain excellent quality. This ecological benefit of aluminum lends well to transportation companies that are looking to adopt better ways of producing items without damaging the environment.

2) Consumer Goods

Aluminum is non-toxic, so it is ideal for many consumer products. Packaged foods and beverages are often stored in aluminum containers because the material is safe to move and hold items that are consumed by humans. Aluminum will not negatively affect the quality or taste of water or food, and it is seen in cookware, utensils, and refrigerators. This sleek metal is also common in the construction of most household electronic devices.  For instance, smartphones, televisions, and computers all contain aluminum elements. Without aluminum, many mobile devices would be quite heavy and uncomfortable to use. Additionally, aluminum's ability to properly conduct heat keeps electronics from overheating during operation as well.  

3) Electrical Systems

Another common use of aluminum is found in electrical systems that provide energy solutions. It is more flexible than copper or other options, so it is a better choice for wires and power lines that need to be somewhat pliable. It can be placed for long distances without losing any effectiveness. As a material that effectively resists corrosion and rust, aluminum helps to safeguard the wires from climate changes and extreme weather conditions too. In fact, aluminum alloy power cables can safely supply wiring to homes and commercial buildings in any region of the world. It's also typical to see aluminum in other electrical products, including satellite dishes, electrical appliances, and fuse boxes. 

Aluminum is certainly a beneficial material to the many industries that use it for manufacturing and construction purposes. With the numerous advantages that aluminum offers, it's likely that the metal will only continue to grow in popularity.

To learn more about aluminum applications, contact a local industrial equipment manufacturer.

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