Engine Oils For High Performance Vehicles

Oil is the lifeblood of any functioning engine. The oil is responsible not only for keeping moving parts lubricated to prevent damage, but oil plays a critical role in reducing friction and dispersing heat so that it doesn't damage your engine.

High-performance vehicles usually have powerful engines that demand more protection than a traditional passenger vehicle. These vehicles need specialized oil products that are designed to offer maximum protection against overheating and wear.

Turbo Oil

Drivers typically want to get as much power out of their engines as possible. The addition of an aftermarket turbocharger can be a simple and effective way to boost horsepower and increase maximum speeds.

Turbo oils are formulated specifically for smaller turbocharged engines like those that might be found in vehicles used for street racing. A turbo oil has added oxidation inhibition to prevent engine damage at higher temperatures. Turbo oils can be a great solution for drivers who enjoy getting behind the wheel of turbocharged high-performance vehicles.

Hot Rod Oil

Hot rod enthusiasts can spend a lot of time and money building their vehicle from the ground up. To protect your investment, you should use a hot rod oil. These oil products are designed to help protect your hot rod while it is in storage.

A hot rod oil has vapor phase rust inhibitors that help ward off the corrosion of metal and chrome components on your hot rod. You can find hot rod oil in both mineral and synthetic varieties to meet your specific driving demands.

High-Performance Oil

Many oils are mistakenly referred to as high-performance oils when they are actually hot rod or turbo oils. A high-performance oil combines the heat protection and lubrication benefits of a racing oil with the longevity and durability of the oils used in private vehicles.

Manufacturers formulate their high-performance oil products to have enough structural stability to last at least the duration of a normal oil change cycle. This allows you to improve the performance of your vehicle without having to complete oil changes on a weekly basis.

A high-performance oil is a good option for drivers looking to strike a balance between durability and performance.

Selecting the right engine oil is important if you want to protect your vehicle's engine against serious damage. Turbo oils, hot rod oils, and high-performance oils all have their place within today's market. Be sure that you know which oil product will best meet the needs of your high-performance vehicle over time.

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