3 Awesome Benefits Of Heating Oil

Maybe you're building a new home and you're currently researching the best possible heating solutions to carry you through the winter. Or maybe you live in a cold climate and are looking to change things up with a more efficient heating alternative. Regardless of your situation, heating oil is a solution that deserves consideration. Keep reading for an overview of three great benefits that heating oil has to offer.


One tremendous advantage that heating oil has in spades is how safe it is. Heating oil systems work by heating up the oil until it vaporizes and then igniting that vapor inside of a boiler. But good luck trying to burn liquid heating oil. Even dropping a match into a pool of heating oil won't result in much more than an extinguished match. This means that even in the unfortunate event of a leak, you won't have to worry about the oil accidentally igniting and starting a fire. Contrast this with natural gas, which, if a leak is discovered, needs to be immediately fixed, as it can lead to deadly explosions. 


Of course, one of the main factors in deciding how to heat your home is the efficiency of the heating source itself. When compared to natural gas or electric heating systems, heating oil can heat up quicker and hundreds of degrees hotter. This difference might seem minor at first glance, but if you live in a cold climate with long winters, you'll feel it right away. As far as how much heat you get for your dollar, nothing comes close to heating oil.


While natural gas does have advantages, one of the biggest drawbacks is that it is delivered through pipes to your home. If you live in a part of the world where pipes freeze up regularly, then you know how unreliable natural gas delivery can sometimes be. During extended cold fronts or storms, people can even find themselves forced to stay in a hotel for a short time while their pipes are repaired and they can heat their homes again. But none of this is an issue with heating oil, because not only can you have supplies of heating oil regularly delivered, but you can also keep it on your property until you need to use it. When it comes to safe, efficient and reliable forms of heating, there's not much that compares to heating oil. 

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