Still Using Metal Bushings? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To Rubber Grommets

If you install electrical wiring, you know how important it is to protect the wires from damage. Fraying and other types of damage can destroy electrical wiring, leading to short circuits, outages and even electrical fires. You could use metal washers and bushings to protect the wires. Or, you could use rubber grommets. If you've been using metal bushings, you might want to switch to rubber grommets. If you're not sure what the benefit would be, here are four reasons to consider.

Resistant to Water

If your wiring is going to be used around water or other liquids, you need a seal that's going to withstand the moisture. Metal bushings can rust and corrode in moisture. However, rubber grommets are resistant to water, which means your wiring and your tubing will be protected from water and moisture buildup.

No Sharp Edges

If you're using metal bushings, those sharp edges could cut right into your electrical wires. There's really no way to protect your wires from the sharp edges when using metal. However, if you switch to rubber grommets, you can avoid metal bushings and sharp edges altogether. The rubber will protect your wires from cuts and fraying, which will help the wires last longer and hold up better.

Protects Against Vibration

If your wiring is going to be installed in areas of high vibration, you need to ensure that it's properly protected. Vibration can interfere with the connection. Metal bushings do not provide adequate protection against vibration. However, rubber grommets will hold your wires in place and provide a buffer against harmful vibration.

Better Fit

If you've ever tried to get a metal bushing to fit into an odd-shaped hole, you know how difficult it can be to get them to fit properly. Unfortunately, if the bushing doesn't fit snugly enough, it's going to move around whenever the wires move. If that happens, the friction could cause damage to the protective coating of the electrical wiring. Rubber grommets come in a wide variety of sizes, so you'll be able to find the right size grommet for every job you do.

If you work with electrical wiring, you need to ensure that it's protected against all types of hazardous conditions. If you're using metal bushings, your wiring isn't as protected as it could be. The information provided above explains how rubber grommets can protect your wiring and reduce the problems associated with metal bushings. Contact a company like Accurate  Products Inc. for more information.

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