Need Gift Ideas For The Hardworking Contractor In Your Life? Contractors Tools To Make Him/Her Drool

Just when you thought there was nothing else you could buy and give that special contractor in your life, high tech enters the field and recreates some of the job's most amazing contractors tools. If your significant other's eyes glaze over when they see a high-tech construction tool, you know exactly what direction to head in when that special person's birthday or the winter holidays roll around. While it may drive you crazy to hear them talk about this tool or that gadget, it may help to engage them in a conversation about contractors' tools and what their "dream tools" would be if they could fit them into the budget. Then you can find less expensive models from wholesale retailers or closeout stores and really surprise them. Here are a couple of tools that might make your sweetheart contractor drool.

Anti-Reverb Hammers 

Yeah, it sounds a little silly, but truth be told, when you are swinging a hammer all day for several days straight, that constant vibration you feel in your hands and wrists gets to be a little much. Over time, your sweetheart may begin to feel pain along with the tingling and numbness, which could signify some serious nerve damage. Help prevent these issues by gifting them with an anti-reverb hammer, which is designed to halt and absorb a lot of the shockwaves that usually reverberate through the handles of most hammers. 

Ten-Inch Portable Job site Table Saw

If you have ever heard your significant other complain about having to move a table saw from job site to job site and then having to find a storage space for it when it is not needed, then this particular tool may be the answer. The ten-inch, portable job site table saw has a support system under it that collapses and cradles this little table saw just like it was sitting on a dolly. The wheels help make the move around job sites so much simpler, and it is lighter and easier to use too. The higher-end models might be quite the pricey gift, but if you look for them in wholesale distribution markets, you might be able to get one for a few hundred cheaper.

Bar-Coding Tool Organization Systems

Tools have a way of wandering off job sites. This leads to lost money and a lack of tools needed to complete a job. You can help your sweetie keep more of their tools by giving them a bar-coding tool organization system. Bar codes are applied to every tool they currently have, and the tools are logged into a big, computerized inventory. Employees have to punch in a personal code to check out a tool, then scan the tool back in when it is returned. In this way, your contractor/love can locate where all of their tools went and who they were with last.

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