A Top Quality Aftermarket Fuel Tank Is What You Need

In the trucking industry, it can be very difficult to find everything that you want for your truck. A major part of you truck is going to be the fuel tank. It can be very difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Finding a fuel tank that meets your specifications but is still FMCSA approved for use as a side mounted fuel tank  can be extremely difficult, but professionals can build you a fuel tank that actually exceeds manufacturers' specifications and is FMCSA approved. This article is going to outline why installing an aftermarket fuel tank will be such a huge benefit to you and your trucking company.   

Go Farther 

While an aftermarket fuel tank is not meant to completely replace your stock fuel tank, it is meant to drastically supplement it. Probably the most common reasons for installing an aftermarket fuel tank is to increase the total distance you will be able to travel before stopping to get fuel. When driving a heavy truck and when hauling a very heavy load fuel efficiency can decrease very quickly. To keep you on the road, install an aftermarket fuel tank that can give you a couple hundred extra miles before you have to stop for fuel. If you are looking to increase the size of your SUV's or pickup truck's tank, you can usually take the total gallons from 30 to 80.  

Put It Anywhere

Another fantastic characteristic of putting an aftermarket fuel tank on your truck is that they can be placed many different places on your truck. In fact, because there are so many different ways to mount the tanks, they can be placed almost anywhere. Professional outlets specialize in mounting tanks on GM pickups and other semi trucks. After consulting with their professionals you will find a place to install your aftermarket fuel tank that will work for you. 

Your Fuel Tank Will Last

Some individuals are worried that an aftermarket fuel tank will not be as durable as a stock fuel tank. Simply put, an aftermarket fuel tank is more durable than most stock tanks. Professional outlets, such as those from SouthTowns Specialties, LLC, can build your tank from a variety of materials including Steel and Aluminum. They also powder coat most of their fuel tanks to increase the overall durability of the tank. When exposed to different elements such as weather or mud, they will not erode.   

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