4 Welding Supplies Every Novice Welder Must Have

Whether you invest in a small welder to use on projects around the house or you have big dreams of learning how to be a professional, part of being a good welder lie in having the right equipment and supplies. No matter whether you have invested in a commercial-grade welding system or a simple version you can tuck away in your garage, there are some accessories every welder should have--even the learning novice. Here are four welding supplies you should make sure you have in your collection before you get started with welding.  

1. Welding Cart or Platform - One of the most important things to have when you are trying to achieve a good weld is a stable work surface. Because it is never a good idea to weld something atop a table that you do not want to damage, it is best to have a small welding cart or table to situate your items on before you get started. Welding tables and carts can be stationary, but many boast wheels for maneuverability. These handy work surfaces can be small or large and come in an array of different styles. 

2. Welding Gloves - When you are welding, you are holding items in your hands that could reach incredibly high temperatures. Furthermore, welding material becomes fluid at a certain point, which means that drips and splatters are a possibility. For these reasons, it is crucial that you keep your hands protected while you weld. A good pair of welding gloves are made from heat-resistant materials but are still thin enough that you can move your hands and fingers while you work. 

3. Welding Clamps - When you are welding something together to create a fusion, it can be difficult to hold two pieces together while you work. Welding clamps are designed to help hold pieces together while you work just like any other clamp. However, welding clamps differ because they are heat-resistant. It is best to have several sets of welding clamps on hand before you start any project that involves trying to fuse together multiple pieces.   

4. Angle Grinder - A grinder is always a useful tool to have around, but an angled grinder sits at a slight angle for smaller tasks that need more control. An angle grinder is ideal to use when you need to straighten out a sloppy weld. It allows you to grind away excess welding material while still having a good view of where you are grinding. 

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