What You Should Know About An Electric Pallet Jack

Has your company grown a lot and now you are opening a small warehouse to house a greater quantity of products? If you want to keep your warehouse organized without having to do an extensive amount of lifting, you might want to consider buying an electric pallet jack. The information below will give you more insight about pallet jacks so you will know if purchasing one for your warehouse is a good idea or not.

Various Size Options to Choose From

You don't have to worry about an electric pallet jack taking up a lot of space in your small warehouse. Depending on the company that the pallet jack is purchased from, you will have numerous sizes to choose from that can accommodate the floor room that is available for use. If you already have the warehouse, you might want to put the pallets in place before purchasing a pallet jack. You will then be able to take precise measurements of the floor space so you can make sure the right pallet jack is purchased. You might want to invest in more than one electric pallet jack if there will be employees working for you and there is enough space available.

Faster Relocation of Pallets

If you or your employees will be moving pallets full of products from out of the warehouse and onto delivery trucks, an electric pallet jack will keep things moving productively. The best benefit of investing in an electric pallet jack is that your employees will be able to ride on it for transporting the pallets in and out of the warehouse. Although forklifts can be driven during the process of moving pallets as well, they are usually large and can't be maneuvered as easily in a small warehouse. Electric pallet jacks are not as heavy duty as forklifts and are ideal for lifting smaller loads.

Extended Use Before Recharging is Required

You should be able to get several hours of use out of an electric pallet before it stops working. The specific number of hours will depend on the electric jack that is purchased. Keep in mind that an electric pallet runs off of a rechargeable battery. When the pallet jack is out of power, all you will have to do is attach a cable and plug the equipment into a power outlet. Visit an industrial equipment dealer so you can invest in an electric pallet jack as soon as possible.

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