Air Compressor Sales And Marketing: Three Pieces Of Industrial Equipment That Require An Air Compressor

Do you have several air compressors that you are trying to sell to contractors but nobody is buying them? You could expand your air compressor sales and marketing to other types of businesses that use air compressors. Industrial plants, for example, have numerous pieces of equipment that require an air compressor. You could market and sell your inventory to industrial plants and manufacturers that need compressed air for their tools and production lines. First, you should know more about three pieces of equipment commonly used by these potential industrial customers. That way, you know how to market your compressors by reminding these customers about their compressed air needs.  

Flygt Pumps 

These are submersible pumps that help move wastewater and other fluids out of the plant. They require the assistance of an air compressor to create pressure and clear their lines regularly, especially if the waste is not wholly liquid. The pressurized air gives the waste a little extra push through the lines, similar to an inflatable arteriole balloon that releases its trapped air to push a blockage inside an artery out of the way. If you do not carry submersible air compressors, you can still sell your inventory by showing how an out-of-water air compressor can help keep a Flygt pump going.

Centrifugal Blowers

These massive industrial machines use centrifugal force to push air and/or gas through a line. When connected to a large air compressor, pressurized air is fed into the blower, which helps it spin faster and move more air and/or gas in the direction it is expected to go. When the blower already has its own built-in compressor, the addition of another compressor increases the pressure going in and through the blower. An industry may want to increase its air pressure in order to increase its speed, production and efficiency, which is how you can sell your air compressors to these plants.

Backups for Industrial Compressors

Industrial compressors are very large machines that often have problems with keeping up. When they breakdown, a large part of what a plant does may stop along with its industrial compressor. This is where you can step in and sell them other air compressors to act as backup compressors. Just as a power plant still needs backup generators for its own use, so does an industry that relies heavily on air compressors. As a backup plan, the compressors purchased from your inventory can inflate tires, lift heavy objects, add torque to machines that twist and pivot onto each item, and even add power to many of the plant's tools that run on compressed air.

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